8 Workout Motivation Tips
29 Jun
Ludus Actius

Don’t let your fitness routine become “routine.”

Here are 8 workout motivation tips to get you pumped.


The rush you get when first beginning a fitness routine is like none other.

You do so well for a few weeks but then life happens. The kids got up during the night. The boss is making you work OT. It rained yesterday and you couldn’t get out of the house. Or maybe you just got bored with it.

So many factors can contribute to a workout plateau. But you don’t have to sit there and let those things beat you. 

In this article, you’ll learn our top workout motivation tips to help you get (and stay) ready to workout.


1. Find Your “Tribe”

Whether you call them your tribe, your #squad, or your fellow workout warriors, having a team of like-minded people can be incredibly motivating.

Having a tribe can hold you accountable, challenge you, and encourage you to reach your goals.

They don’t have to be at the same fitness level, either. In fact, a “gym expert” can provide some much-needed advice and encouragement when you’re just starting out. And once you’ve reached your goals, you can pay it forward by coaching someone who’s just starting their fitness journey.

Workout Motivation Tip #1: Find Your Tribe!

The only important thing when it comes to finding your “squad” is positivity. Don’t surround yourself with people who say things like, “Oh, you only lost 3 lbs? Maybe you need to eat better,” or “Wow, you’re weak if you can’t lift that!” (Get rid of that dumbbell!)

That’s the opposite of motivating! Instead, surround yourself with those who will encourage you to keep going and to feel great about the work you’ve done so far.


2. Diet Bet

Sometimes cold, hard cash is the best motivator there is. Enter: Diet Bet!

This weight loss motivation site gives you the chance to win real money and prizes for reaching your goals!

Join a “game” (or start your own!) by betting a certain amount of money. Everyone who reaches the goal shares the pot. And—because there’s money on the line—you’ll be even more motivated to hit the gym and put down that late-night cookie.

Don’t worry, Diet Bet has special algorithms to detect cheating or doctored photos. And if you lose too much, you’ll be disqualified. Just realistic, healthy goals here!

Now, who’s up for some healthy competition?


3. Reward Yourself

We do this all the time with our kids (“If you finish your homework, you can watch an hour of television!”), why not ourselves?

Set small goals and let yourself have a reward when (and only when!) you reach them. Try to stay away from food-related rewards, however, as they can undermine your nutrition goals.

When you're motivated, you'll stick with it!

New clothes that fit your transformed body are a great option. When you begin working out, you’ll probably lose some weight and gain some muscle. You’ll stay motivated as you see those sizes drop.

Or maybe treat yourself to a haircut at a ritzy salon downtown. Love books? Buy yourself a new book. At Ludus Actius, we reward members with a Roman sword after they complete 100 classes.


4. Variety

Sometimes, you’re not unmotivated or lazy…you’re just bored.

Workout Motivation Tip #4: Shake up your routine!

In this case, why not try something new? If you always run, try a dance or boxing class. If you’re always lifting weights, go on a hike or a swim.

It’s one thing to be focused on your goals, but you’ll end up giving up if it gets too boring. So spice it up and research something that might interest you. As long as you’re active that’s all that matters!


5. Small Goals

Setting lofty goals is easy when you’re super pumped. But once you’ve hit a plateau, they become incredibly demotivating.

Instead, make a series of smaller, more attainable goals. If your starting weight is 225 lbs, don’t start off with a goal of losing 100 lbs. Instead, just aim to lose 10. Once you’ve done that, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to do more. Want to up your game? Set a 15-lb. goal next time.

When you’re starting at the base of the mountain, there’s a long way to go before you get to the top. You’ve got to take it one step at a time. 


6. Take Before-and-After Photos

If you’re losing fat and building muscle at the same time, the number on the scale might not change that much. But remember, 5 lbs. of muscle is a lot smaller than 5 lbs. of fat. So instead of using your weight as motivation, use your body composition.

One easy way to do this is with a before-and-after photo.

Take photos of yourself from the front, back, and side. After a few weeks, take another series of photos and compare them to see the ways your body has changed.

As you see certain areas shrink or tone up, it will help motivate you to keep going!

Workout Motivation Tips

7. You Are What You Eat

You have to eat healthy to feel healthy.

If you eat poorly, you’ll feel sluggish through your workout (and may even think that your workout routine is to blame). So skip the hash browns, pancakes, and bacon in favor of eggs, avocado, and spinach.

Remember, your body is made up of more than just muscles and fat. Be kind to your inner body too!


8. Be Kind to Yourself

If you criticize your reflection in every mirror you see or give yourself a guilt trip every time you have a “cheat day,” it will be impossible to stay motivated. 

Above all else, keep a positive mindset and remember to take care of yourself—mentally and physically.

If you need a rest day to avoid getting burnt out, take one without feeling guilty. If you catch a cold, stay home from the gym and focus on getting better.

You started your fitness journey to start feeling better, but you don’t have to wait until you’re at the finish line to love yourself!



Ultimately, workout motivation comes from within. No one else can want it for you…you have to want it.

We are here to help with that!

At Ludus Actius, we make it our mission to create a positive environment where everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) can feel welcome and motivated. We offer a variety of classes to shake up that routine and keep you on your toes.

Join us today for a 7-day free trial so we can show you what you’re made of! (It’s one step closer to getting that Roman sword!)

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