Our Success Stories


I’ve been training at Ludus Actius for the past 4 years. I was aware that physical activity was good for my health and liveliness, but I always thought I was too young for that. Then I met coach Diogo Souza and with his training method he helped me develop new skills, giving more energy everyday and making me a better tennis player.

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15 – Student – Tennis practitioner

A few years ago, I underwent spine surgery and as a result I had some chronic neurological injuries. The surgery resulted in me being in a lot of pain. Sometimes I was unable to go up and down the stairs. At one point I was addicted to painkillers, and that’s when my physiotherapist told me about coach Diogo Souza. After six months of working with him I was much better. I no longer use pain killers and I’m back to my normal routine. Now, I practice Judo, in fact I just received my brown belt. I’m grateful for Diogo. Thank you, Diogo!

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66 – Accountant – Judo brown belt and painkillers free.

What was supposed to be just a joke, became a lifestyle!
In 2011 I hosted Diogo and some other athletes on my radio talk show, to promote the return of the UFC to Brazil. At that time, I joked around saying I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the cage with any one of them. Right away Diogo told me that If I had the same training experience, time would tell. He introduced me to the master Everaldo Penco, a very high level BJJ black belt. Today, after 8 years, I received my BJJ black belt and I feel my life has changed! Thanks for everything, Diogo!

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35 – Radio Host – BJJ Black Belt and Diogo’s friend.

In 2011 I suffered a spine injury in a car accident, resulting in paraplegia. And just because I was living in a wheelchair it didn’t mean that life came to a hault. After two years, I was introduced to the Wheelchair Rugby. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to play it. It felt like Destiny still had its plans for me. In 2016 I met Diogo during a match for the 2016 Paralympic Games, and soon afterwards he started coaching me. The results soon came! I improved my strength and overall conditioning. But the biggest prize was yet to come: soon afterwards I got invited to play for the National Team! I’ll always cherish this and be forever thankful to Diogo and the Ludus Actius way of life.

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29 – Paralympic Brazilian Wheelchair Rugby Team Player