04 Mar
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We often hear the terms “weight loss” and “fat loss” used interchangeably in everyday conversation. People will lament that they want to lose weight, and then go onto say they want to cut fat from certain areas of their body. The problem is that, in fact, weight loss and fat loss are two very different things.

In order to remain in control of your body and what you intend for your health, let’s dive deeper into the difference between weight loss and fat loss.


What is Weight Loss?

When you step on the scale every day and look down at the number, that number is telling you about more than just the fat on your body. In fact, your weight fluctuates multiple times in a single day, let alone in a week.

The number you are looking at is indicative of more than just changes to your fat levels, it can also be changes to:

  • Muscle: Muscles weighs a lot. If you gain muscle in a week, your weight is going to increase. You want to gain muscle – it makes you leaner and shapelier.
  • Water: 60% of our bodies are made up of water. If you are dehydrated, natural water levels in your body will go down, lowering the number on the scale.

Therefore, weighing yourself is not the same thing as shedding fat, specifically.


What is Fat Loss?

When most people around the world say they want to “lose weight,” they mean they want to lose fat.

They want to get their fat levels down so they have more energy, look better, and feel better. If you want to lose fat, then you want to aim for what’s called “maximum lipolysis,” the biological process of breaking down at lipids and triglycerides in either the food you eat, or the fat already stored in your body.

This process is sped up if you have more muscle in your body, which means working out, eating protein, and building muscle can actually help you burn fat.

What’s funny is that adding more muscle while losing fat may produce that same number on the scale. It leaves you thinking to yourself: Wow, after all that work, nothing has changed!


Concern Yourself with Fat Loss

The scale doesn’t tell the whole picture, by any means. If you want to lose fat, keep the fat off, and feel better about your body, then you need to concern yourself with building muscle. That starts with the proper HIIT workout regime, mixed cardio, lean diet, plenty of protein, lots of water, and lots of sleep.

Here at Ludus Actius, we’re more concerned with helping you burn fat. Forget about the scale and what you thought you knew. It’s all about fat levels and what you can do to lower them.






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