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In ancient Rome, Ludus was the place where gladiators used to train in order to build a powerful body and strong mind. Ludus Actius is indubitably a studio of giants, a respectful and most inclusive place where everybody can access their own goals, by building a powerful body and a strong mind without judgment. Here everybody is welcome, we assure to deliver the result you want, whatever it is.
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    Our method

    Years of studies and tests have resulted in a brand-new fitness concept. We've compiled the best methods and techniques to create a state-of-art gym for your best short-term results.

    Your new home

    Your new home

    At Ludus, our focus is to help you obtain your goals by keeping a positive outlook and winning mindset.

    If you’re not as fit as you’d like to be, don’t fret. We are a “no-judgment” zone. We want you to feel your best and will celebrate your triumphs and help you through the plateaus. Whether your goal is to lower the risk of injuries (back strain, neck issues, shoulders, etc.), improve flexibility, or just make housework a little easier, we got your back.

    No matter what your current fitness level, Ludus Actius wants to help you reach and even exceed your goals. Our trainers have worked with a variety of people—from professional athletes to high school students—and our classes incorporate multiple exercises so that no two workouts are the same.

    We also believe that the where of your training has a huge effect on the how. To stay motivated, fitness should be fun. That’s why we’ve done away with rows and rows of boring machines.