8 Workout Motivation Tips
29 Jun
Ludus Actius

Don’t let your fitness routine become “routine.” Here are 8 workout motivation tips to get you pumped.   The rush you get when first beginning a fitness routine is like none other. You do so well for a few weeks but then life happens. The kids got up during the night. The boss is making…

12 May
Ludus Actius

Before you start your workout, don’t skip this all-important step. Here are 10 good warm-up exercises to get your blood pumping!   You probably know to stretch before a run or a strenuous workout, but is that really the same as “warming up”? While stretching is a great way to prep your muscles for exercise,…

23 Apr
Ludus Actius

Your workout should benefit your entire life, not just your gym life. Here’s why functional fitness could be better for you than traditional exercise. Have you ever stopped to think about how fitness affects your daily life? We don’t mean how it fits into your schedule, but how physical fitness can improve your ability to…

15 Apr
Ludus Actius

As we write this right now, an estimated 160 million Americans are classified as obese in our country. Nearly 75% of men and 50% of women in the U.S. are considered overweight, and nearly 30% of teens under the age of 20 are considered overweight. It’s certainly a problem that sends plenty of people into…

Cardio vs. Weights: Which one is best?
09 Apr
Ludus Actius

Bulk up or slim down? Torch fat or build muscle? When it comes to cardio vs. weights, the best method is a combination of both. You know that fitness is important to your overall health. Beyond that, however, things get a little confusing. What does “being fit” really mean? Does it involve building huge muscles…

01 Apr
Ludus Actius

When it comes to holding yourself accountable in the fitness world and tracking your progress, we all need something to motivate us each and every day. It’s hard to know your exact goals or gains, as well as if you’re slipping in your endurance, muscle mass, etc. That’s why you need a fitness tracker when…

What Is a Body Composition Test?
26 Mar
Ludus Actius

Move over, BMI! There’s a better way of measuring your health. A body composition test is a much better way to help you reach your fitness goals. If you’re reading this, it already means that you care about your health and fitness. You already know that you need to be active and eat a healthy,…

18 Mar
Ludus Actius

Why workout just one or two muscles at a time when you could workout entire muscle groups simultaneously? That’s the thought process behind compound exercises, which are—quite simply—exercises that stress and activate multiple muscle groups around your body. One common compound exercise example would be the squat. It works out your quadriceps, glutes, and calves…

silhouette of man doing plank at sunset
10 Mar
Ludus Actius

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to burn more calories with less effort. But what are HIIT workouts and how do you incorporate them into your exercise routine? If you’ve ever embarked on a fitness regimen, you know how frustrating it can be to push yourself in the gym and…

04 Mar
Ludus Actius

We often hear the terms “weight loss” and “fat loss” used interchangeably in everyday conversation. People will lament that they want to lose weight, and then go onto say they want to cut fat from certain areas of their body. The problem is that, in fact, weight loss and fat loss are two very different…