Ludus Actius helps you get healthier in three months.

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If, at the end of your first three months, you have attended at least 12 classes a month with no results, you can cancel your membership and we’ll give your money back.

Our method

Years of studies and tests have resulted in a brand-new fitness concept. We've compiled the best methods and techniques to create a state-of-art gym for your best short-term results.

Welcome to Ludus Actius

In ancient Rome, Ludus was the place where gladiators used to train in order to build a powerful body and strong mind. Ludus Actius is indubitably a studio of giants, a respectful and most inclusive place where everybody can access their own goals, by building a powerful body and a strong mind without judgment. Here everybody is welcome, we assure to deliver the result you want, whatever it is.
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Ludus Actius helps you get healthier in three months, or you get your money back