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Canadian Olimpic Wrestler Khetag Pliev & UFC Fighter Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
About Ludus

Welcome To Ludus Actius

What is Ludus?

In ancient Rome, the ludus was the place where gladiators trained, where they built a powerful body and a strong mind. At Ludus Actius, we believe that everyone should have access to a place where they can reach their own goals without judgment.

We’ve all been to a gym and felt like we don’t belong. But at Ludus, we’ve built a place where everyone feels welcome. Ludus Actius is the most inclusive fitness studio in the U.S., delivering the results you want, whatever they may be.

How Does Ludus Training Work?

Our Method

The result of years of studying and testing, Ludus is a brand-new concept in physical fitness. We’ve compiled the best methods and techniques to create a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind gym that brings you more results in less time.

  • Perfect balance between cardiovascular and strength training
  • Heart rate-based training, for best results
  • Compound exercises, taught in a simple and accessible way
  • Full body workout every time
  • As much attention as in a private session, delivering more results in less time.



  • Everyone is welcome!
  • The Ludus is yours, respect the Ludus.
  • Best is better than good.
  • Don’t wait until tomorrow, get better today.
  • Don’t try, do it.
  • Never give up.
  • Prove them wrong.
  • Be humble.
  • Be positive.

  • Client Image

    I’ve been training at Ludus Actius for the past 4 years. I was aware that physical activity was good for my health and liveliness, but I always thought I was too young for that. Then I met coach Diogo Souza and with his training method he helped me develop new skills, giving more energy everyday and making me a better tennis player.

    • 15 - Student - Tennis practitioner and good son
  • Client Image

    A few years ago, I underwent spine surgery and as a result I had some chronic neurological injuries. The surgery resulted in me being in a lot of pain. Sometimes I was unable to go up and down the stairs. At one point I was addicted to painkillers, and that’s when my physiotherapist told me about coach Diogo Souza. After six months of working with him I was much better. I no longer use pain killers and I’m back to my normal routine. Now, I practice Judo, in fact I just received my brown belt. I’m grateful for Diogo. Thank you, Diogo!

    • 66 - Accountant - Judo brown belt and painkillers free.
  • Client Image

    What was supposed to be just a joke, became a lifestyle!
    In 2011 I hosted Diogo and some other athletes on my radio talk show, to promote the return of the UFC to Brazil. At that time, I joked around saying I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the cage with any one of them. Right away Diogo told me that If I had the same training experience, time would tell. He introduced me to the master Everaldo Penco, a very high level BJJ black belt. Today, after 8 years, I received my BJJ black belt and I feel my life has changed! Thanks for everything, Diogo!
    • 35 - Radio Host - BJJ Black Belt and Diogo’s friend.
  • Client Image

    In 2011 I suffered a spine injury in a car accident, resulting in paraplegia. And just because I was living in a wheelchair it didn’t mean that life came to a hault. After two years, I was introduced to the Wheelchair Rugby. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to play it. It felt like Destiny still had its plans for me. In 2016 I met Diogo during a match for the 2016 Paralympic Games, and soon afterwards he started coaching me. The results soon came! I improved my strength and overall conditioning. But the biggest prize was yet to come: soon afterwards I got invited to play for the National Team! I’ll always cherish this and be forever thankful to Diogo and the Ludus Actius way of life.

    • 29 - Paralympic Brazilian wheelchair Rugby team player
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